Anna, This is my Art Blog! STEVEN UNIVERSE!! obssessions right now: Rooster Teeth, It's always sunny, Game Grumps and probably a lot of other dumb shit Homestuck,Dangan Ronpa, Shingeki no kyojin, Free!, SPN, Hannibal, and more Asks always open :) until: SUPER Smash Bros. 3DS!!
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caffeinealchemist asked: Yoooo dude do you remember me it's Borno ;-;

ay nerdo

uninspiredandhardlyartistic asked: So I've just arrived here at your blog, and I just love bel! All your art seems super cute and awesome from what I've seen. Keep being awesome!

;;o;; thankk you

mm ill be moving out next monday so if this blog is dead its probably because i am 




I tried to draw the grumps once

This is so cute! You can tell who they are immediately, and the characterization of the sketches definitely shows their personalities really easily. You’re very good at caricatures!



more doodle

I tried to draw the grumps once

hah wow no



——-I can only accept PayPal——-

Paypal: (also send any questions here or to my ask box) 

Sketch: (can include rough/quick colours)

-Bust / Half Body: £3 ($5)

-Full Body: £5 ($7)

+ £1 ($2) each Additional Character


-Bust / Half Body: £7 ($10)

-Full Body: £10 ($15)

+ £1 ($2) each Additional Character

Flat Colour:

-Bust / Half Body: £10 ($15)

-Full Body: £15 ($22)

+ £2 ($3) each Additional Character

Full Colour:

-Bust / Half Body: £17 ($25)

-Full Body: £20 ($30)

+ £5 ($6) each Additional Character


-only for full colour-

£2 ($3)

(maybe sketch or lineart you can ask)

Things I gotta say!

  • PLEASE send me a reference, ive worked with written references before and it wasnt too much of a problem but visual references of any kind are a big help!
  • Be Clear- tell me what you want how you want it almost if you want a certain pose, or maybe even colour scheme anything you want particular about the piece just tell me!
  • I usually take payment first! I do send you the sketch or WIP of the commission as soon as its drawn out and would like to keep you updated as much as possible on the piece!
  • Please be Patient! - I can normally do each commission within about a week (but last time with a lot of personal junk happening i got backtracked a little, send an ask or email if you think im taking too long! if you need it by a deadline please tell me!)
  • I cannot do NSFW you can ask about it but I’m not really great at it.

any other questions or just want to get some more info email me at