Anna, This is my Art Blog! STEVEN UNIVERSE!! obssessions right now: Rooster Teeth, It's always sunny, Game Grumps and probably a lot of other dumb shit Homestuck,Dangan Ronpa, Shingeki no kyojin, Free!, SPN, Hannibal, and more Asks always open :) until: SUPER Smash Bros. 3DS!!
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having trouble w the bg yaaaaaay

"I was that little boy, that little baby boy was me"

what am i doing


defcons said: super cute and also are you going to sell your art this time?!!?!

i wish omg i have a 3day ticket I WANT A TABLE ONE DAY! i might seriosuly look into it next may

Anonymous asked: congratulations on your results! I hope you have a great time at uni!

thank you Anon!!!!!!!!!!

i passed my A-Levels uvu


drw ur friends ocs cus urs r trash day

sorry for the kinda dead blog lately. it probably wont update until the end of the week right now im awaiting my A level exam results and ill get them on thursday im so nervous and its just kicking in now yaaaay

Commission work for Panpour!