Anna, This is my Art Blog! STEVEN UNIVERSE!! obssessions right now: Rooster Teeth, It's always sunny, Game Grumps and probably a lot of other dumb shit Homestuck,Dangan Ronpa, Shingeki no kyojin, Free!, SPN, Hannibal, and more Asks always open :) until: SUPER Smash Bros. 3DS!!
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tella-novella asked: Your art is so cute! Everything if so fun and cartoony, I love it.

Thank you ;o;

Im all moved in and super tired ;o;

macarooms asked: 8====>


superjaegar-aviator asked: Kissus ur face* it will be okay frand, i'm sorry you have to move though ;o; good luck with everything!

AAAA thank you idk its just typical nervousness and everything like moving to uni i mean UUHHUGHG?? its just scary but i am still excited but mostly scared because im a big baby

1 more day and im moving guhgugguhgu

Oc doodle hell

yea seperate!