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obssessions right now:
Rooster Teeth, It's always sunny, Game Grumps and probably a lot of other dumb shit
Homestuck,Dangan Ronpa, Shingeki no kyojin, Free!, SPN, Hannibal, and more
Asks always open :)
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gona nap now!

quadrant-equation answered: */walks in like i own the place * i know you wanna draw opal and annie

someteenslounge asked: How about Amethyst taking a nap or something I don't know

sleeping bae

kingdomhearts-lll answered: eren being frsutrated w/ armin bc hes always right

Anonymous asked: Dude can you draw aradia for me


candiedfeline answered: i usually dont like requesting things but you should do sollux x eridan /)uou(\

1v1 me no items final destination

yoyoii asked: lars from steven universe!!!

wen u try ur best n u dont suceddd

spun-foonerisms answered: a tiny child with waaaay too many balloons

hes happy

someone drag me out of this artblock

maybe doodle requests?